2018 Winter Olympics Picks, Odds, and Results for Every Event

On the lookout for outcomes, winners, and Winter Olympics chances? Look no further. I have been doing the dirty and down research that nobody else wanted to. Looking at events you’ve never heard of. Finding tendencies, value, and situations where the oddsmakers simply didn’t give their best efforts.
Below, you will get all 102 occasions by date in this sequence the gold medal will be awarded. As events are completed, we’ll upgrade with the winner and his/her odds.
Not only will we create some cash today, but we can even use this as a case study for Olympics to come. Do longshots hit? Are odds-on favorites essentially locks? What events are worth taking risks on? We’ll soon find out.
Most Gold Medals
Favorites: Norway -150, Germany +225, USA +700 The Select: (Full Breakdown) Sorry to break it to you people, but Team USA is going to have a difficult time topping the golden medal list this year. Norway’s dominance at the ski sports gives them a huge advantage and leaves them a powerful bet even at -150.
Most Medals
Favorites: Norway +110, Germany +200, USA +375 The Select: (Full Breakdown) Once more, Norway is a superb bet. Me and a number of my sharp Olympic syndicate members got down deep at +140 and transferred to +110, but they’re still a fantastic bet at the price., which has $5,000 limits with this bet, has Norway in -155. Out of every bet, this one is my favorite.

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