Boxing Odds Explained

This page reveals odds for bets. These are stakes in which you pick the fighter you think will win the battle.
Boxing odds appear something Apollo Creed -200
Rocky Balboa +180
This usually means that Creed is your preferred and Balboa is the underdog. Favorites have a minus sign (-) before their odds and underdogs have the plus sign (+). In this case if you had $300 to play , you can throw it all on Creed and when he wins, then you’d get a payout of $450 — your $300 is returned, plus your winnings of $150.
On the other hand, if you had faith in Rocky and think he is likely to win, a $300 bet would net you a payout of $840 — you’d get your original $300 back, along with your winnings of $540.
Our Odds Calculator can help you ascertain how much you would win based on what you decide to wager.
Our boxing chances page shows you that the opening line, that’s the first betting lineup by oddsmakers, followed closely by the lines in popular sportsbooks. You can scroll through to find a sportsbook that has the chances you like best. Having boxing odds explained in detail gives you an advantage over other bettors who might be taking gambling lines blindly.
Now that you know how to read boxing odds, check out our boxing betting guide here.

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