Philadelphia 76ers: 500-1

When you have got no shot (and no clear desire) to win several matches, let alone an NBA title, you’ve got to take solace from the little successes.
On Oct. 22, 13 of the league’s 30 owners voted against a lottery reform program that could have decreased the chances for teams with the most worst documents to snag the very best selections. That choice was a bullet dodged for overall manager Sam Hinkie’s Sixers and an unexpected one.
Based on John Finger of,”lottery reform has been viewed as a foregone conclusion” just a day before the vote that stunningly struck down the strategy. The 76ers, clearly, were one of the most vehement opponents of the possible change, and it is difficult to blame them.
Switching things up in midstream would have had a particularly negative impact on their rebuilding plans.
Even though lottery reform is going to likely be revisited again, the Sixers earned a little reprieve.
Oh, and hello, Michael Carter-Williams, reigning Rookie of the Year and last year’s only beacon of hope, eventually has a return date from his unusually long recovery after shoulder surgery: Nov. 13, per Jeff Goodman of
Nerlens Noel resembles a defensive menace in training. Joel Embiid is most likely the best player in his draft class.
Life is filled with wonders.

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