Virginia wins its first NCAA basketball championship, defeating Texas Tech

MINNEAPOLIS — Virginia, a nice tortoise of a program using a warmish 114-year history, a bent for deliberative basketball along with also an unthinkable splat of 13 months ago, spent Monday night scaling the final jagged rungs to a pinnacle. When eventually it made the final, painful steps in overtime, attained the top and looked about, it understood a sense long associated only with other people such as Duke or North Carolina, the neighboring hares that constantly left it one of the overshadowed.
It had become the first first-time men’s college basketball national winner in 13 decades, and could see back through the landscape of one hell of a story. It could see Texas Tech, the finalist Virginia outlasted from 85-77 in that overtime, a team so great it’d hit on the NCAA tournament like a great wind coming from the high plains of Lubbock, felling Michigan State, Gonzaga, Michigan and Buffalo.
Gaze back from up high, and Virginia may see the carnival of drama which helped it wriggle from doom in life-shortening matches from Purdue, Auburn and Texas Tech. Squint harder, and it could see clear back to March 2018, when Virginia became the first No. 1 seed in tournament history to lose to a No. 16 seed, a bewildering 74-54 thud against Maryland Baltimore County, the nadir of a five decades of tortured Marches. Yet right in front, it could observe the droves in blue and orange in U.S. Bank Stadium, reveling as sound cascaded from fans who seldom dared dream of such a thing.

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