Atletico Madrid v Villarreal: La Liga submits request to hold fixture in Miami

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La Liga have requested the Spanish Football Federation (RFEF) for consent to maintain December’s match between Atletico Madrid and Villarreal in Miami.
Both clubs have agreed to maintain the December fixture at the Miami Dolphins’ Hard Rock Stadium.
La Liga previously failed to maneuver Miami in January the meeting of Barcelona.
The RFEF and the players’ union (AFE) were equally vocal in objecting to this movement on that occasion.
La Liga signed up to play 1 game a season as a member of a 15-year deal with media company Relevent in 2018.
Relevent chairman Charlie Stillitano started a legal case against US football authorities in September, after the organization’s plans were obstructed by the United States Soccer Federation to host games.
La Liga president Javier Tebas said:”This game would be a further drive in La Liga’s internationalisation strategy, which is giving all clubs good results. We believe that on this occasion, we will have the ability to carry this out favorable opportunity for everybody, like they already do in other leagues like the NFL and the NBA, out of the borders.”
Atletico Madrid chief executive Miguel Angel Gil Marin added:”We would be able to bring Spanish football closer to the followers and fans who live outside of the country. It might be a great sport, which would show the best way to go later on.”
A suit was filed by the top flight at a bid to force the RFEF to approve the game between Barcelona and Girona with a civil court in Madrid.
That game also had the approval of Uefa, US Soccer and the Confederation of North, Central American and Caribbean Association Football (Concacaf).
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