Jeremie Frimpong joins Celtic from Manchester City on four-year deal

Celtic have completed the signing of Manchester City defender Jeremie Frimpong on a four-year thing.
Frimpong, 18, is a who will play with a midfielder.
The guardian has been in City’s childhood system and was a part of the side which touched the quarter-finals of their EFL Trophy final season.
“It feels amazing to have joined Celtic. What a huge club to be part of,” he told the club’s website.
“I am just lucky to have been chosen and I’m grateful for all. I’m just happy to be here and I only want to get on the pitch and then show the fans everything that I’ve got.
“I am looking forward to training with my new team-mates and getting to understand them. They’ve got more experience than me, so I’m hoping they will be able to help me.
“I began going on YouTube to observe Celtic, and when they had been on TV, I saw the matches. I saw Sunday’s match against Rangers. What a match! Celtic were brilliant and deserved to win.
“Now I can not wait to play Celtic Park in the front of the lovers. Hopefully once I get on the pitch and also then do something great, I will hear the sound for me.”
The Premiership champions also have completed the signing of mature left-back Greg Taylor from Kilmarnock to get an undisclosed fee to get a contract.
Since Neil Lennon has been build for the future cetlic have completed prices for Southampton youngster Jonathan Afolabi and Bolton Luca Connell.

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