Keith Hill optimistic of Bolton success under new owners

Bolton manager Keith Hill says he has been awarded his”dream job” and is positive he could steer the club into a new era of success.
The former Rochdale manager was appointed three days following Bolton was saved by Football Ventures from liquidation by finishing its takeover of their Sky Bet League One club.
Rock-bottom-of-the-table Bolton are 15 points adrift of safety after five games for entering administration, due to their 12-point deduction.
“It’s the fantasy job. One hundred percent it is a job when we first knew it was available, that we chased down. We were not put off by the challengeswe see it as a chance with a lot of enthusiasm, and we have started work and we are very happy about the situation.
“We are positive, we’ve got a plan to be successful, and we’re very optimistic and we are going to represent the supporters as well as the new ownership and then take the club into a new era”
Since they seemed to bolster a young squad who has dropped their last 3 matches 24, bolton made nine signings on Deadline Day.
Hill added:”We’ve got good business done, and we’re really pleased when we think how far we have come from likely Saturday, when we knew we’d obtained the job to where we reside, we’re very pleased.
“We have a jigsaw, each manager does, the jigsaw players they need in and if you are able to get them, so you find yourself having four, five or even six gamers targets for every position, and you just work your way through.
“However, like yesterday, it’s imperative that you receive an answer, since getting a no is equally as important as getting a yes like that.”
David Flitcroft, who was in control of Mansfield Town this past year, unites Hill in Bolton.
Flitcroft explained:”He’s a excellent pal of mine, he’s supported me through some tough times and now we are back together and it’s the perfect time and the perfect moment.
“It is a thing we always wanted to perform and he knows he’ll get every thing from me, and now I know I’ll get everything from him.”
Flitcroft spent three years as director of Bury, a week, that , were expelled after C&N Sporting Risk pulled from a takeover of their team.
“The real people that have dropped out would be the people that work there and thought in Bury, who’ve remained there through some really tough times not getting compensated,” added Flitcroft.
“You think it will turn around and turn the corner and it’s not able to, and individuals have lost their jobs, lost their livelihoods and the broader community, and each supporter who supported me when I had been there. You realise they’ve lost their status, but they’ll never miss the club because they’re so loyal to that badge”

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