Premier League: Are Arsenal, Chelsea, Spurs & Man Utd more vulnerable than ever?

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From Chris Collinson
BBC Sport statistician
Four members of the Premier LeaguesBig Six – Arsenal, Chelsea, Manchester United and Tottenham – have all shown signs of weakness up to now this season.
Together with the four clubs taking a combined 49 points out of their first eight games – the fewest between them because the very first Premier League effort in 1992 and far less than in recent seasons – we have a look at the issues they have been confronting.
After taking just nine points out of their eight matches – their lowest tally at this stage since 1989 – Manchester United will be the obvious culprit for this fall in points. And with two goals scored, it is clear where their problems lie.
It is the caliber of those shots that are the cause for concern, although with their youngest-ever starting XI at a Premier League season, the team have had the fifth-most shots in the match.
According anticipated goals, just Newcastle have had shots on ordinary than Ole Gunnar Solskjaers young side, outside of penalties.
One positive for United fans is that while the attack is currently struggling to produce chances the defence has restricted the oppositions opportunities, which makes it among the defences in this stage. After promoting striker Romelu Lukaku on the summer and spending # 130m on Aaron Wan-Bissaka along with defenders Harry Maguire, this is perhaps no surprise.
Tottenham were and five points behind leaders Liverpool.
But 22 points from 20 games because has put a strain on the relationship between the manager, players and the team, with speak of aunsettled squad and a few allegedly seeking to grab the eye of other clubs.
The difficulty for Tottenham is its not a single specific subject. As well as the players never pressing just like before, the table below shows both the defence and the strike so far are equally as bad as they have been at this phase in both seasons under Mauricio Pochettino.
While we can not know for sure, this might be down. Eight players are still in the club in Pochettinos very first year in 2014-15 – in contrast to only three in Manchester City and 2 at Liverpool – some time of their 32 managers from the Champions League this season, just Atletico Madrids Diego Simeone was at his club more than his fellow Argentine.
With the club currently third in the table, it might appear odd to say that Arsenal have experienced problems this year. But a goal difference of +2 indicates that all is not as comfortable as it seems, with no team having sat as high at the table so low a figure at this point as Phil Browns Hull City did so with a goal difference of zero in 2008.
After letting 10-12 shots per game in each of the clubs closing 13 seasons they allowed just over 13 within their campaign last year. This year, but Arsenal are now allowing a remarkable 17 shots per match, with only promoted sides Aston Villa and Norwich having faced more shots than the Gunners this season.
The 1 consolation for Arsenal fans is that while the group has been under heavy fire this season, theyve been able to avoid the resistance from getting shots away, with Burnley allowing chances.
Nevertheless, in the five seasons before that one 3 sides have let 17 or more shots a game – the Burnley twice of Sean Dyche and David Moyes relegated Sunderland side in 2016-17.
Although Chelseas youngest-ever starting XI at a Premier League season was commended by many, it has surrendered an undying 14 goals in its own eight matches so far.
It is only the second time in the Roman Abramovich age double figures have been surrendered by the club in this phase of the year, following the collapse under Jose Mourinho of the club saw them concede 17 goals in their first eight matches in 2015.
Having saved only 48 percent of the shots he has faced this year, keeper Kepa Arrizabalaga takes a little share of the responsibility of its clubs defensive woes and has the worst save percentage in the Premier League so far.
Of the 25 goalkeepers to have played this year, only Southamptons Angus Gunn has more goals than expected than the Chelsea keeper.
The blame cant be laid at his door. Despite just Manchester City facing fewer shots this season, only four sides have let the resistance easier opportunities to score on average than Chelsea, therefore Frank Lampard will hope his youthful side could make Arrizabalagas task a little easier at the future.
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