Sebastian Vettel explains how Ferrari must improve against Mercedes

Sebastian Vettel considers Ferrari have to enhance abunch of small things when they are going to beat a record-breaking Mercedes group over a season – asserting the world winners are working at a level that isquite close to perfection.
Following a typically powerful Japanese GP, Mercedes have wrapped up a second Constructors Championship and additionally they know they will be the first group in Formula 1s background to seal six successive dual titles – with among Lewis Hamilton or Valtteri Bottas guaranteed to claim that the drivers crown.
Historically it has been Ferrari who have put the bar in the game but, although the Scuderia are Mercedes nearest challengers in the last 3 seasons, they have failed to always match the Silver Arrows.
Sundays race at Suzuka provided another example of that while Vettel left a crucial error at the beginning along with Charles Leclerc as Ferrari had a race car that was much slower compared Mercedes.
Its very hard, admitted Vettel, the four-time world champion, when asked about competing against Mercedes.
Obviously you can not see what they are doing but I believe from the outside theyre very near perfection whenever they go out on course so very persistent, hardly any mistakes.
Thats certainly also part of what makes them strong but yeah, in case you clinch the constructors title with four races to go there is a lot of things you do better than all the others.
Vettel added:If you enter detail then you can assert what their car is maybe doing much better than ours although I still dont think thats the point overall, its a group effort.
I think we really do have the ingredients, we do possess the commitmentwe do possess the intelligence, but we only need to do it even better. Its a lot of small things; its not 1 thing that we need to improve, its a good deal of small things that we need to do better, each one of us and that is the only way that we may attempt to measure up.
Hopefully they get a bit tired!
Mercedes 2019 triumph was one of their most striking.
Ferrari were considered early-season favourites and have more straight-line rate, but Mercedes won the campaigns opening eight races and so are still operating at an extremely large level on Sundays, though Ferrari do now have five poles in a row.
Some space behind race champion Bottas although vettel ended second in Japan on Sunday, ahead of Hamilton.
Well, clearly not happy with the simple fact that we did not have the year we were looking for but it is not now that made the distinction, not yesterday, and not every week, explained Vettel since he reflected following the race.
Obviously it has been a very long year and it is still going so… I do not think were lacking anything. I believe we should work far much better. I believe we are committed, working hard but its not on the level that can be accomplished. Mercedes have proven in the years which you may do better and theyve been able to keep that.
I think weve heard a good deal about our auto, the flaws, weve improved it but we are still not there … We have had a strong couple of races but I think we are still just a little bit behind.
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