Sockeyes? Totems? Seattle’s NHL team is taking names

Now that Seattle was called the National Hockey League’s most up-to-date expansion team, let us get”Kraken” on possible franchise titles.
Yes, Kraken is just one of those suggestions.
Totems, Emeralds, Rainiers, Sockeyes, Renegades, Sea Lions, Firebirds, Evergreens, Whales, Cougars, Eagles and Seals made the list of 13 names the Seattle ownership group registered for the city’s most up-to-date expansion team.
In accordance with ESPN Sports Business Reporter Darren Rovell, oddsmakers in Vegas possess the”Seattle Totems” as a early-minus favorite.
One name absent from the list is the name of the former group of Seattle that became the American club to win a Stanley Cup in 1917, the Seattle Metropolitans.
Regardless of the history, NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman didn’t seen keen on adding”Metropolitans” to the list.
“I don’t like to bet and because’Metropolitans’ has not been submitted to us as a possible name I will reserve judgment, although it’s worth noting we do have a division by that title and so. . .you know. . .that was a long time ago,” Bettman said in Tuesday’s press conference.
Another title: The Seattle Starpucks. OK, so we know this title isn’t in the running, however it is definitely worth consideration.Seattle’s franchise will not join the league until the 2021-22 NHL season, but it surely hasn’t stopped us from speculating which title will get to the very top of this”Totems” pole.

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