The Golden Contract: Tyrone McCullagh outpoints Razaq Najib to book place in semi-finals

Tyrone McCullagh secured a points victory to become the primary fighter to book his place at the semi-finals of this Contract.
McCullagh fought off the rear foot and used his exceptional motion to maintain a 97-93 98-92 96-94 verdict from the ringside judges.
Also that the Derry southpaw enjoyed success with his true counters although a late stand in for Mexican Carlos Araujo, najib, took the struggle from the opening bell to McCullagh.
The Sheffield fighter continued his competitive beginning at the second, while McCullagh started to chain combinations together, leaping in with his shots.
After sustaining a little cut above his right eye during a next, Najib continued fighting on front but the precision of McCullagh kept him on the scorecards.
McCullagh kept through the middle rounds, moving out of variety and catching Najib with the strange left-hand lead and counters.
The 29-year-old continued to select his opponent with the sharper shots since the fight entered Najib and the around, using cuts over the eyes and a nose tried in vain to land a knock-out punch.

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